Benchmark Problems - [BP1 - Solitary wave on a simple beach (nonbreaking - analytic)](NTHMPbp1.htm) - [BP4 - Solitary wave on a simple beach (nonbreaking - lab)](NTHMPbp4.htm) - [BP6 - Solitary wave on a conical island (lab)](NTHMPbp6.htm) - [BP7 - Runup on Monai Valley Beach (lab)](NTHMPbp7.htm) - [BP9 - Okushiri Island tsunami (field)](NTHMPbp9.htm) have been simulated with Cliffs, and the results can be viewed at the above links. <br><br> <!-- Subject to <a href=""> change in the NTHMP/MMS policies</a>, evaluation of the BPs results by MMS is delayed indefinetely. The above change came at <a href=""> July 2016 MMS meeting</a> as a direct reaction of government & academia officials to a request for evaluating Cliffs bencharking results made in full compliance with <a href=""> MMS regulations at the time of the results' submission</a> in January 2016. --> <br><br><br> MORE: Cliffs solutions for NTHMP Mapping & Modeling Benchmarking Workshop: Tsunami Currents (Portland, Feb. 2015) - [PDF OF THE PRESENTATION](CurrentsWorkshopResults/ETolkova_cliffs.pdf) <table width=100% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=4><tr> <td> <a href="CurrentsWorkshop_problem1.htm">BP 1</a> </td> <td> <a href="CurrentsWorkshop_problem2.htm">BP 2</a> </td> <td> <a href="CurrentsWorkshop_problem3.htm">BP 3</a> </td> <td> <a href="CurrentsWorkshop_problem4.htm">BP 4</a> </td> <td> <a href="CurrentsWorkshop_problem5.htm">BP 5</a> </td> </tr></table>